Areas of Activity


Elenger, one of the leading energy companies in the region, is active in the Baltic countries, Finland and Poland. In 2020, it already sold more gas on foreign markets than in Estonia and this trend has been steadily growing. Eesti Gaas owns about 1,500 km of distribution lines and its 55,000 points of consumption are managed and serviced by AS Gaasivõrk. In addition to natural gas, it has started to sell LNG (liquefied natural gas), which is mainly used as marine fuel, and CNG (compressed natural gas), which is used as fuel for land transport. Technical infrastructure for energy is designed and constructed by its subsidiaries HGProSolutions and EG Ehitus. Due to the green transition, the share of renewable energy is growing in the form of biogas plants and solar parks. Elenger Marine, a subsidiary of Eesti Gaas, operates the LNG bunkering vessel Optimus, the commissioning of which helps to reduce the airborne emissions over the Baltic Sea by as much as 67,000 tonnes of CO2 a year. Optimus is capable of bunkering tankers, cargo vessels, and passenger and cruise ships on the high seas as well as in ports. Its containers and pumps help supply its customers with up to 5,000 m3 of liquefied natural gas at a speed of up to 1,000 m3/h. The LNG bunkering vessel, which is approximately 100 metres long, was built by the Dutch company Damen and the construction was subsidised by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.


As at 31 December 2021, AS Infortar owns 40% of AS Tallink Grupp, the leading shipping and transport group in the Baltic Sea region. Tallink’s fleet consists of 15 vessels which operate on seven routes (one of which has been temporarily halted due to the crisis) under the strong trademarks of Tallink and Silja Line. Its new vessels Megastar and MyStar comply with all current and known future emissions quotas of the Emission Control Area (ECA). In addition to leisure opportunities at sea, Tallink also provides services on dry land through operating hotels and restaurants. Last year, it opened Burger King restaurants in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The shares of Tallink are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn and Helsinki stock markets.

Real Estate

AS Infortar owns about 90,000 m2 of various registered immovable properties, including Tallink City Hotel (324 rooms), Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel (300 rooms), and Tallink Express Hotel (166 rooms) in Tallinn, and the Tallink Hotel Riga (256 rooms) in Riga, which is currently closed due to the crisis. In addition, it owns the Jäämaja and Tulemaja office buildings, which accommodate the headquarters of Tallink and Eesti Gaas with a rentable area of over 10,000 square metres, a logistics centre of over 14,000 square metres in Maardu, an office building in the Old Town, and over 430,000 m2 of land in Tallinn and its vicinity. The real estate portfolio of Infortar is valued at 237 million euros as at 31 December 2021.

Supporting Fields of Activity

As at 31 December 2021, the group consisted of 44 subsidiaries, the most well-known of which are Eesti Maavarade Grupp, which specialises in natural resources used in construction, the printing houses Vaba Maa and Printon, Farmatar, which specialises in the wholesale of pharmaceuticals and pharmacy goods, Gastrolink, which sells tableware and kitchen equipment, Tallink Takso, Tallink Tennis Centre with 20 tennis courts, construction company INF Ehitus, and many others.